Don’t let another weekend slip by without a portfolio you’re confident in. 👌️ 👍 🙌

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Presenting yourself is tough.

You’ve "been working on it" for weeks, months, or even years (⌛?!) Maybe you've got one out in the wild, but it still feels "off". You know you need to make it better, but making the time to write about your projects is tough... and even when you carve out time, you don’t know where to start.

Yeah, we know the dreaded pain 😖. We've been there, too. That's why we've put together this Weekend Guide to Crafting Your UX Portfolio: to help you through the grueling (but ultimately rewarding) process we've seen so many other designers slog through.

I was working on my portfolio for weeks, hearing all sorts of vague, non-actionable advice. It was confusing, but your guide cleared so much up for me. Andrea Ängquist, Designer at Pivotal Labs

This guide will teach you the 20% of the stuff you need to make 80% of the impact.

The stuff you can put together in a weekend, no matter where you're at today. Imagine: you pick up this guide, spend a few focused hours next weekend on your portfolio, and the following week you’ll have a ✨ kickass portfolio ✨ that gets you in front of more design teams with more confidence in yourself, your work, and your process.

What would you do for just one more job interview, or for a shot at presenting yourself more clearly at the next one?

How about the next 5 interviews? With the stuff in this guide, you’ll learn how to heavily increase your chances at getting more interviews. More interviews = more chances at landing the design job of your dreams. 😎

I can't count the number of portfolios I've put together in my day, but even with my experience, I learned some great stuff reading through this. Nefaur Khandker, Designer at Khan Academy

You'll learn the most important stuff:

After graduating from GA, I've been reading lots of articles... I haven't found anything as thorough as this guide. It provides more specific guidance than other materials I could find. Ruohan Chen, UX Designer; graduate of General Assembly